Price Defender™

"Compute the right prices,

Optimise pricing rules,

Forecast revenues,

Achieve financial targets."

Define and validate price positioning rules together with performance targets

- Evaluate performance targets from forecasted sales and current and future prices

- Identify and resolve conflicts which may arise between certain rules and/or targets

Compute the minimum price changes required to achieve sales and financial targets across the forecast horizon, while satisfying all price positioning rules and their priorities

- Sales forecasts take into account the proposed price changes as well as cannibalism and complementary cross-effects between some of the products
- Optimise the prices compliance's with all pricing rules and performance targets

Compute sales, revenue and profit forecasts taking into account

- Current and future prices and promotions

- Competitor prices

- Significant cross-effects impacting the sales of some products

- Year on year trend, seasonal variation of demand and the impact of calendar events

Optimise pricing rules and performance targets

- Identify the rules to be relaxed the least, in order to provide the highest marginal gain

- Adjust pricing rules and financial targets, to best take advantage of the current market's conditions, yields bigger gains than just optimising prices within a set of fixed rules