Retail Analytics was founded by a world-class team of retail industry technologists and scientists. Combining our scientific background with our in depth understanding of retail operations, we have worked over the last 20 years developing innovative methods and tools to help retail companies across Europe, Asia and North America to make smarter decisions, and optimize the performance of their supply and merchandizing functions. Since the mid 80's we have developed and implemented solutions in :

  • demand forecasting
  • price/promotion modeling
  • markdown modeling
  • price and promotion optimization
  • promotional effectiveness benchmarking
  • dynamic market basket analysis
  • consumers behaviour analysis
  • customers segmentation

    The exploitation of the ever increasing mass of information generated by retail organizations requires not only powerful information systems, but robust and scalable analytical engines to identify trends and patterns, opportunity and threats, forecast future performance, streamline operations and optimize decisions.

    The development of analytics solutions for the retail industry is a specialist area. Retail-Analytics is a recognized thought leader in transforming retail companies into successful information management organizations.

    Dr Jean-Christophe Bennavail, Founder and CEO
    Jean-Christophe graduated from the Institut Superieur de Gestion in Paris, holds an MSc from Cranfield Institute of Technology in “OR & Computer Computer Science”, and a PhD from the University of Manchester in the area of “Pricing Decision Support Systems”. Jean-Christophe is the founder and CEO of Retail Analytics Ltd. Following 17 years of extensive research in the field of modeling and optimization of merchandizing decisions, Jean-Christophe and Professor Madan Singh co-founded Knowledge Support Systems (KSS) in 1993, a Manchester (UK) based software house, specialized in the development of pricing decision support systems for the mass retail and petroleum industries. Jean-Christophe has an extensive knowledge and experience in the research, development and implementation of advanced analytics for the retail industry, both in the European and North American markets.


    Dr. Evdokia Krasteva, CTO

    Evdokia is responsible for the production of Retail-Analytics analytics components libraries. Evdokia has a 20 years experience in developing and implementing advance analytics solutions for retail operators across different markets and industry sectors such as FMCG, petrol, telecom and retail banking. Evdokia has successful track for delivering modelling and optimisation solutions addressing key business processes, such as demand forecasting, pricing, promotions and assortment optimisation, market basket analysis or inventory management. Her background and experience has given her the ability to apply advanced academic knowledge to finding practical solutions that retailers face today. Evdokia graduated from the Automatics Department of the Technical University – Sofia, specialising in optimisation and control. She holds a PhD degree in decision making under uncertainty.


    Krasimir Mihaylov, Head of Technologies

    Krasimir is Head of Technologies responsible for the design and development of Retail-Analytics high-availability and scalable deployment platforms. Krasimir’s development effort focuses on enterprise grid analytics architectures and technologies aimed at delivering Retail-Analytics' highly scalable and robust infrastructure and data management systems. Krasmir has also a strong interest in advanced security and encryption technologies and the design of multi-million users services as well as closely following any new developments in the software industry. Krasimir graduated from Manchester University with honours degree in Computer Science.


    Dr. Ludi Mihaylov, Principal
    Ludi is a Principal Scientific Developer within Retail-Analytics R&D team. He holds a Diploma in Automatic Control from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria and a Ph.D. in Technical Cybernetics from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He is also a member of the IFAC Technical Committee on Distributed Intelligence Systems and a member of the IASTED Technical Committee on Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems. His research focuses on the development of methods for decision-making, prediction, classification and optimization of merchandizing decisions. He has participated in many industrial projects, and has applied some of these methods in inventory control, flexible manufacturing, traffic network modeling and optimization, decision analysis of large scale systems, competitive bidding, demand forecasting and optimization in B2C and B2B industry sectors, etc. Dr Mikhailov has published over eighty papers in international journals and refereed conferences.

    Borislav Krastev, Bulgarian Operation Director
    Borislav is in charge of managing Retail-Analytics operations in Sofia. He has an MSc in marketing and management from Sofia Economics University. Borislav has several years experience in setting-up and running R&D centers for software houses.

    Dr. Plamen Angelov, Principal
    Plamen is a Principal Scientific Developer within Retail-Analytics R&D team. He holds a BSc and MSc in Electronics and Automation from the Technical University of Sofia and a PhD in Optimal Control from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Plamen has extensive knowledge in signal processing, system simulation, adaptive filters and self-learning classifiers, fuzzy control and modeling and multi-objective optimization. Plamen latest project is the design of an advanced incremental and distributed market basket analysis solutions allowing for the real time modeling of the impact of merchandizing initiatives such as price changes, promotions and new product assortment onto the market basket structure and value.

    Dr. Ivan Koytchev, Research Scientific Developer
    Ivan holds a BSc in Mathematics and MSc in Computer Sciences from Sofia University and a PhD in Data Mining from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Ivan research and development interests are in the areas of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval. Ivan has developed several systems categorizing customers groups into clusters according to consistent purchasing behavior and demand patterns. Together with Dr Angelov, Ivan has developed Retail-Analytics Incremental and Distributed Market Basket Analysis solution for the real-time processing of a retailer's transactions.


     Dr. Olga Georgieva

    Olga is a senior scientific developer with Retail-Analytics R&D team. She has a strong background in designing and implementing modelling and control methods for the optimisation of complex systems with large uncertainties. She holds an M.Sc. in Process Control from the Faculty of Automatics of the Technical University-Sofia, and a PhD in developing modelling and controil methods under uncertainty from the Institute of Control and System Research of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


    Dr. Nina Daskalova

    Within the Retail-Analytics development team, Nina is responsible for the implementation of advanced statistical methods aimed at data analysis and model building. Nina has a particularly strong background in the analysis of very large scale data sets typical for the retail industry.  Nina holds an  MSc in Informatics and Statistics and a PhD in Probability and Statistics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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